The 'Refined' - Custom Designed Dining/Pool Table

Elegance is always an important element of home décor and our ‘Refined’ pool/dining table with its simplistic sleek design looks stylish in any contemporary property. This clever 5 ft slate bedded pool table is practical and will comfortably seat 8 impressed guests.
This sleek contemporary dining table has taken design inspiration from stylish modern apartments. It is an impressive statement piece for a kitchen dining space.
The Refined is a bespoke design with meticulous attention to detail, constructed in American Black Walnut and uses the highest quality slate, rubber, leather and Hainsworth cloth. The Refined is available as a 6,7 & 8 ft tables. Contact us for more information including standard options and full specifications, please note that all our tables are handmade and therefore all dimensions can be altered to meet your exact requirements.
Refined Pool and Dining table in Modern Kitchen Refined Pool Table in Contemporary Apartment on light wood flooring Refined Dining table with dark wood on light wooden flooring
Pool Cues and snooker balls on a Refined Pool Table with Green Felt Head of the Refined Pool Table Refined Pool Table Corner Pocket with green felt
Legs of Refined Pool and Dining table The edge of the refined dining table Refined Custom Wood material edge

The refined pool table on a carpet with light brown felt detailing on the edge of the refined pool table Refined pool table with snooker balls setup for a game

The White ball on the Refined Pool Table the refined pool table on a carpet in front of a windo ​​​​​​​
The Refined Pool Table in Front of a Window ​​​​​​​