Concept Designs

Many of our clients or their interior designers approach us with design ideas, often to commission unique one off products.
Using a detailed brief from you, the client or your interior designer, we can offer you the ability to specify each an every detail of the table. Whether its an aspect of an existing piece of furniture, either contemporary, traditional or your own exclusive design. Client & designers involvement is paramount in creating the bespoke details.
Your inspiration can be the catalyst in producing a unique and eye-catching piece of master-crafted furniture. we will produce meticulous CAD (computer-aided design) conceptualisations of the bespoke furniture you require.

3D Drawing of Oak Concept Rollover 3D Drawing - External Ball Return Pool Table with Oak Detailing ​​​​​​​
Concrete 3D Drawing of  a Veneered Concept Pool Table Oak Pool Table in Oak ​​​​​​​
four views of a concept pool table with red felt Arched Out Legs Concept Pool Table with red felt
Bent-in Legs Concept Pool Table Red Felt three views of Square Leg Concept Pool Table Arched-In Concept Dining Table Pool Table Concept with red felt