Rollover Pool Table Installations

A short time-lapse video of an Oak Farmhouse rollover pool table delivery, compressing an average 3-4 hour installation into a two minute watch.
See more videos or images on our customer installations page.

A Spartan Rollover installation time-lapse video, sped up 10,000%. This is a custom made table in American Black Walnut with our new dining extenders feature. For more information on the Spartan Rollover, please follow links to Pool Tables, customer installations and testimonials.

A Ricochet (Ball Return) Rollover installation time-lapse video. The Ricochet is the worlds first rollover to feature a ball return system, collecting the balls at one end of the pool table. This design was years in the making and along time achievement of ours. This Ricochet featured some custom designed dining table extenders. For more information, photos and videos, please follow the links.