Kicker - Foosball - Table Football Designs

The Kicker football table was inspired and designed alongside The Apex (pneumatic) pool table. The Kicker’s sleek, modern design includes an Aluminium, all hand-brushed with fingerprint protection coating. The scoring cubes and foot detailing are black anodized to contrast the Aluminium, promoting stylish durability.

Bespoke precision Carbon Fibre handles and the sleek modern Aluminium pitch with black screen printed markings, complement the smooth hand sculpted and cast Aluminium players with personalised engravings.

The Kicker benefits from the superb Bonzini chrome plated steel telescopic rods and highly engineered components, offering both smooth sliding and low resistance spin give you that ultimate ball control.

The Kicker Foosball Table Top View side view of the Kicker Foosball Table in a garage Kicker Foosball table iron player

Iron Players on Kicker Foosball Table Iron Goalkeeper on the Kicker Foosball Table Kicker foosball table in entertainment area

The Kicker Football Table in Gamesroom  in front of an arcade and red chairs an iron foosball table in a garage The Kicker Foosball Table next to Arcade in a gamesroom ​​​​​​​