What Type of Pool Table Is Right For Me


What Type of Pool Table Is Right For Me?

If you’re looking for a pool table, you have come to the right place. The team here at Designer Billiards have been creating bespoke pool tables for over 25 years. Over this time, we have seen many different types of tables moved into a variety of different places. In this blog, we will be breaking down the different types of tables and seeing where they are the best fit.

Different Types of Pool Tables: Straight Forward Pool Table or a Pool Diner?

Pool Dinner Table vs. Straight Forward Pool Table

Here at Designer Billiards, our tables are available as dinner tables and stand-alone pool tables.
The stand-alone pool tables will have an official height.
When it comes to dining tables, we offer a rollover version and a standard size option.
Pool tables have an official height which is different to a dining height, therefore there is often a compromise in the height.(lower for playing and higher for dining). Rollover Pool tables will offer both heights.
Our fixed height pool tables are 33 inches (838mm) and the pool dinners are 30-inch playing and 31-inch dining.
The rollover has a correct dining height of 30 inches (762mm) and 33 inches (838mm) playing all our measurements are fully customizable.
Let’s start off with the basics. The top two types of pool tables are American and English. There are a few key differences, and we are going to break them down.

American Pool Table: you’ve got to love an American pool table…

Like most things we find in the USA, the pool tables are larger than life! These tables can come in from 7 to more than 9 feet long. A full size American comes in at around 9.6ft long.
The American game of pool seems to go quickly and sharply. It is safe to assume that this is affected by the type of cloth the tables are fitted with. Most commonly, the cloth is low-friction nylon (although there are different options available). Bigger balls bigger pockets bigger tables…..
Your American style pool table has different cushions known as rails. They have slight angles that create a point, which is referred to as the “nose”.
The entrance to the pockets have angled cuts to the rails with sharp corners, unlike the more curved and rounded pocket entrances on the English pool tables.

English Pool Table:

An English 8 ball table has a few immediate distinctions when directly compared with its cousin across the pond. The first thing you will notice is the size. A standard billiards pool table comes in around 6 to 7 and 8 feet long.
It’s not just a smaller table, it also has narrower pockets and smaller balls. You will also find that the pocket entrances have rounded corners and squared-off cushions.
Most of the English pool tables you will come across have a woollen cloth laid upon them. This will cause more opposition against the ball, making the overall game much more tactical and slower. The cloth has a Knapp, and is smoother in one direction than the other. When an English table is clothed the knapp (smoother direction) goes away from where you break, the knapp follows the same direction on the cushions.
While selecting a English pool table vs. an American one may come down to preference, but it is important to understand that these ideas are not set in stone. We can create a combination of sizes, cloths and pockets to fit whatever you desire. We often put American cloth on English tables, known as speed cloth. It's in the name and it makes the English game a lot quicker.

Different Pool Table Designs:

Pool tables come in many different shapes and sizes, but the ones we create here at Designer Billiards stand out amongst the rest!

Pool Tables For Small Spaces:

First up on our list is The Exquisite. This is the perfect option for anyone looking to save space in their home while still getting to play their favourite game.
The Exquisite pool table is available in an endless list of colours, allowing you to select whichever colour scheme fits in the best with your room (you can always ask a member of our team to assist you with finding the perfect option).
This table is ideal for those with smaller homes or apartments, however, it works in large spaces too! You can choose the size of this multi-functional pool table to fit your space. We offer it with a 5ft slate all the way to a 7ft slate - 6 feet to 8 feet long!
The undeniable versatility of this piece is what allows it to stand out from the rest. The removable three-piece tabletop can quickly change your pool table into a dining room table, desk or table tennis arena!
We can also build a variety of matching pieces for you including the benches you see in the photo above.
This table is also available in the larger American 7 8 and 9 sizes and with dining top extenders.

A Modern Piece For Your Home:

If you’re looking for a table that will leave your guests in awe, then the Ricochet Pool Table is the one for you. This is the world's first ever ball-return rollover pool dining table.
Sit down and enjoy a meal while you eat upon your perfect protected, hand-crafted pool table.
There is no better way to finish off a dinner party than quickly. Once you have finished up with your meal, grab yourself a cocktail or mocktail and easily switch the scene and begin to dive into a great game of pool.
Once you have finished your game, the balls sit perfectly in their space. This action grants you permission to flip the table over with ease - absolutely no faffing about.

Making A Statement:

For those of us who love interior design and/or making a statement, The Pharaoh and the Sphinx table are pool tables that simply can not be beat.
Coming in at 7ft, this table demands space and attention. The leather trim and red felt give us flashbacks to our favourite holiday in Las Vegas - and only the good ones.
Classic, sexy and sleek. You can have it sat right beside your island or added as an addition to your games room or private den.
Big, bold and American:
This is the last variation we are sharing with you in this blog, but we invite you to browse our website to see all of our other designs. Wrapping us up today is the Apex or Arc American Pool table.
These tables are show-stopping, big player pieces.

How Much Space Do I Need For A Pool Table?

If you’re in the works of creating your very own getaway at home or are looking to fit a billiards/pool table in your current bar or pub, we can help you.
It is important to know that pool tables and billiard tables take up a lot of space themselves. But, you must not forget about the space needed for the cue and the person taking the shot!
The 5ft-7ft British tables are definitely more compact. You can easily squeeze them into smaller spaces.
Top Tip: A pool table needs adequate cueing space around it, with the perfect cueing space being 1500mm all round and a minimum of 1400mm for a full size 57” Cue.
If there are any pinch points in the room/space then…the occasional shots could require a slightly shorter 48” or 54” cue…although as you well know, you often can just raise the end of the cue to gain space.

The ideal/min cueing space is based on the worst-case scenario, where on rare occasions when the ball is tight against the cushion.
If you’re unsure about whether or not a pool table will fit in your room, simply send us the measurements of your space or your architectural plans. A member of our team will let you know what we think. We can also provide an annotated AutoCAD drawing showing your cueing space. We create tables in a variety of sizes! Even bespoke/custom sizes.

Custom Pool Tables:

The team here at Designer Billiards are innovative, design orientated and passionate about their craft. If you are looking for a bespoke design, there is no better place to go.
We specialise in custom designs. We can provide the complete bespoke package, ensuring everything is expertly coordinated from initial concept to delivery.
We can accommodate the personalisation you desire, whether it’s an aspect of an existing piece of furniture either contemporary, traditional or your own exclusive design.
We can produce both a technical CAD and 3D drawing to help you see your concept become a reality
Custom pool tables are as inventive as you are - and we would love to hear your ideas and turn them into a reality.
If you are ready to take the next steps, please contact us.